Sunday, October 14, 2012

Video Reflection - Giving Packaging a new life

Watching these series of videos really gave me an insight into how things are being recycled and their processes. It is very interesting to see that in other parts of the world, there are many different approaches into how recycling should be done.

Finding that recycling paper is made out of 60% of recycled materials is just unbelievable  Considering the amount of paper used in offices and businesses in society, if Australia is able to increase the amount of recycled materials in our recycled paper, it would definitely benefit the environment in the long run. I didn't know that newsprint can also be produced solely from waste paper until i watched these clips. It is really interesting to find out this is possible as I've always thought that the ink would make the paper unrecoverable due to poison from the inks.

Seeing new sorting systems really give new light into what machines can really do nowdays. Such advanced systems are able to determine different materials by using a reflective infrared system. It would be so effective in sorting out materials on a conveyor belt having seen on the video. The idea of sensors determining what colour fragments are in glass by seeing how much light is absorbed is just simply fantastic! What a clever idea! This really gave me an insight and a few ideas actually into future project that could use this technology.

Redesigned tin cans provides about 40% of raw materials required for steel production in Germany which is enough for 9 billion cans. A can that has been returned to the production hop can be recycled as often as desired without any quality loss. It is very interesting to know that quality can be kept even after recycling. I've always thought that quality would be a dramatic quality loss in products that have been recycled. I think in society this is the issue that many are facing that the quality of recycled products is not great. This message really needs to be shown to society and made known that these products are as good as the norm.

The take home message for me is that, us designers need to look at how the other countries around the world are doing things. Especially with recycling, i've now found that there are many other technologies that i haven't looked into and didn't even think existed. Now having that insight, i really urge not only designers but everyone to look around the globe for ideas.

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