Sunday, September 9, 2012

Legs Eleven - Cormack Project

BreatheEZY is my take of re-designing and innovating an existing product. It is a re-designed Asthma Inhaler, which has been designed for the use for children. Existing problems were that the the unit was too small to properly grip and use the inhaler. Many children really struggle to have the strength to push down on the small canister AND breathe in at the same time. My focus was to solve that main issue.
The Inhaler has been enlarged for maximum grip, allowing the user to fully utilize 2-3 fingers to depress and squeeze from the top. This provides 2 - 3 times the amount of strength compared to previous inhalers which makes it easier for the child to use. Also a bigger surface area, allows adults to be able to assist the child when necessary.

Inside the unit, contains two spots for the asthma inhalers to be stored. One for current use, and also another for a backup. This is because children are not able to determine accurately whether the canister is about to be depleted, and in situations where the reliever is required urgently, a backup is stored inside. 

All that is required to change the canister is to lift the top housing, pull out the old canister and replace with the new. Push down on the top housing till you hear a click.

The unit is constructed using PE coated by using gas plasma processing to ensure that no medication attaches itself to the walls of the inhaler.

I believe this is a viable solution to the existing product and solves many of the issues for it.


  1. This is an interesting idea. Having had to use puffer's as a kid I know how annoying they are. This has a cool look to it, and the flat sides allow easier labelling, and also make it easier read. The posters are neat, and the one thing I think that could improve it is a comparison of childrens hands to the product when in use. Good stuff.

  2. it is an nice idea, it is very connivence and portable for children however i think the graphic can be improve because the color look so plane, maybe children will not like or notice it